Updated Branding and Publicity Requirements

August 9, 2019 11:13 am

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On 1st August new Branding and Publicity Requirements were introduced. New ERDF supported projects (and existing projects that are extended for a year or more) are required to display / use an additional logo alongside the ERDF logo. This stronger branding will more visibly show how ERDF investment is making a significant contribution to local growth initiatives being delivered across the country such as the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine and supporting national investment priorities.

The new requirement does not apply to all ERDF projects. It will only apply to new or extended projects that receive Grant Funding Agreements or project variation letters from 1st August 2019. If this requirement does apply to your project you will be informed of this by your MHCLG Appraiser and Contract Manager.

The ERDF and ESF Branding and Publicity Requirements have been updated to reflect this change and explain who needs to comply with this requirement. The Branding Requirements also provide details on the logos that should be used and where the logos can be obtained. See the requirements here.