Update from the Managing Authority MHCLG – 2018 Targets: Key Deadlines

April 30, 2018 11:03 am

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2018 is a critical year for ERDF programme targets. Our N+3 expenditure targets must be met or funds are automatically de committed from the England ERDF Programme. Our 2018 Performance Framework Targets (both spend and outputs) must be met – under-performance may result in reductions/loss of ERDF in underperforming priority axes.

The timescales are tight –  in order to conduct the required checks/authorisations at both managing and certifying authority level before submitting payment applications to the European Commission to meet its fixed deadlines – all project claims must be submitted/checked/authorised and finally, paid by early November 18.

Our operational experience indicates that this will be extremely challenging – and can only be achieved by ERDF grant recipients and managing authority working closely together to maximise the amount of compliant, eligible  ERDF spend defrayed and claimed in line with the Commission’s timetable. This is wholly dependent on:

  • the submission of complete and accurate claims and supporting evidence
  • timely response to requests for evidence to enable desk based checks to be conducted (including spend outputs and procurement)
  • timely response to any queries/adjustments required
  • prompt submission of required procurement evidence

ERDF claims for quarter end June 2018 will be particularly important to determine progress towards the targets. Given the tight timescales for the submission of the final 2018 payment application, your contract manager may be in touch with you to discuss the timing of your claims in the important run up to the target deadlines. This may mean looking to speed up claims processes with some applicants as early as August/September 2018.