Understanding Technical Notices

September 26, 2018 12:41 pm

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The Government has published a series of technical notices that outline the preparations in place to minimise disruption in the unlikely event of not agreeing a deal with the EU and ensure a smooth and orderly exit from the European Union (EU).

We are confident of securing a good deal with the EU, but as a responsible government we are preparing for all scenarios. The publication of technical notices is part of this planned approach.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) technical notice is UK-wide and provides an overview of the Government’s plans for guaranteeing funding to ERDF projects in a no-deal scenario.  You can read the full ERDF notice here.

You can read how current and future European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programmes would be affected if the UK leaves EU with no deal here.

A negotiated exit from the EU
The draft Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU published in March 2018 would mean the UK would continue to participate in the ERDF programmes until they end in 2023, subject to a final negotiated agreement.

Organisations should continue delivering projects that have been agreed and applying for funding under current arrangements with confidence that the funding guarantee applies even if there is no negotiated agreement between the UK and the EU.

We continue to make good progress towards this year’s important ERDF spend and output targets.  Delivering at pace and submitting claims accurately and promptly helps to maximise the funding available to support growth priorities.

After 29 March 2019 if there is no deal
To provide stability for UK organisations that benefit from EU funding and to provide certainty for organisations who wish to apply for funding, the Government has guaranteed all ERDF projects that would have been funded by the EU for the full 2014-20 programme period.

There may be further updates to the technical notice once more information becomes available.  If you have any enquiries about the technical notice, please contact enquiries@beis.gov.uk