Spotlight on ERDF Errors

September 27, 2018 5:10 pm

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Spotlight on errors!

Throughout this current ERDF programme we have been monitoring the types of errors and occurrence identified through our A125 on the spot assurance visits.

We have seen some expected movement of types of visit actions over the programmes lifetime e.g. number of actions relating to outputs have increased as project delivery becomes established.  We have also seen a reduction in contractual actions accounting for 12% of visit actions in 2016 and only 3% in 2018; this is a result of clarifying the process regarding hourly rates using the simplified cost methodology.

In many cases much time and effort in resolving actions or even financial penalties could be avoided by better organisation and preparation.  Here are our Top Five Errors which we hope you find useful.

Don’t forget a suite of guidance documents can be found on GOV.UK that you should refer to.