Spotlight on Community-Led Local Development (CLLD)

November 29, 2018 4:03 pm

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What is CLLD?

ERDF Local Strategic approach

Local Action Groups (LAGs) have developed a Local Development Strategy for their CLLD area which sets out issues facing their areas and objectives to implement activities to deliver localised enterprise support and employment growth.

All Local Development Strategies aim to deliver a number of themes including:

  • skills
  •  employability
  • business support
  • employment growth
  • community capacity building

LAGs will award grants to a portfolio of projects that complement each other, integrate ERDF and ESF activity and deliver synergies between strategy themes and the Local Development Strategy as a whole.

Working with European Social Fund

The main objective of ESF CLLD activity is to deliver additional, localised support to people in particularly deprived areas, so that they move towards or into employment. This will generally be in the context of support for marginalised groups and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

ESF CLLD LAG activity will tackle a broad range of issues that are barriers to labour market participation. These include: caring responsibilities; debt; digital exclusion; drug and alcohol dependency; poor basic skills as well as life skills; lack of motivation and confidence; family, parenting and relationship problems; health, mental health and well-being problems; homelessness; learning difficulties and disabilities; offending; isolation issues faced by individuals and where needed support for childcare.

What types of activity will ERDF CLLD fund?

  • small-scale community hub facilities to support small and medium enterprises (including social enterprise) in targeted areas
  • activity to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment in deprived areas and targeted communities
  • tailored business support activity, mentoring, coaching, information, advice and guidance
  • small equipment grants
  • provision of business space
  • support for clustering, networking, cooperation or local supply chains collaboration
  • investments to better connect deprived neighbourhoods and areas of need with adjacent areas of opportunity and employment growth
  • support for new forms of enterprise (including the social economy and social enterprises)

Where are CLLD projects?

There are 21 Local Development Strategies approved by MHCLG and DWP across three Growth Delivery Teams.

Growth Delivery Team Number of projects Local Development Strategy Area
South West 4 Atlantic and Moor
Coast to Coast
South and East Cornwall
West Cornwall
Greater South East 3 Tilbury
North East, Yorkshire and Humber 14 People Enabling Area Transformation Wakefield
West Leeds
South Leeds
Inner East Leeds
North of the Tyne
North Durham
South Durham
Yorkshire Coast Communities
North Lincolnshire


Three additional strategies were approved for DWP investment, one in South East and two in East Midlands.