New E-CLAIMS support function implemented today

September 28, 2018 9:37 am

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E-CLAIMS update

111 ERDF Grant Recipients are using E-CLAIMS which represents a total of 225 Projects; contract managers continue to work to bring remaining applicants onto E-CLAIMS to manage the claims process on-line.

Today sees a new E-CLAIMS support function being implemented. For ESF, this will provide direct access for both internal and external users to a dedicated E-CLAIMS IT support team to assist them with any queries that they may have. For ERDF applicants the first point of contact will continue to be your GDT contract manager.

All E-CLAIMS related queries must be routed via the E-CLAIMS Helpdesk, details of how this can be done has been issued prior to go-live.

This support function will replace the current process of contacting the internal ESF IT/MI team for technical support/queries.