New and revised Claims Guidance for Grant Recipients and Co-Financing Organisations

July 20, 2018 9:08 am

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Following the rollout of EClaims to ESF beneficiaries for the submission of their quarterly claims to the ESF Managing Authority, the “ESF Claims Guidance for Grant Recipients” and “ESF Claims Guidance for Co-Financing Organisation” products have been revised and updated.

In addition to the direct uploading of claims information, these revised products also include the following key changes:-

a. Clarifications on the General Data Protection impacts on ESF claim documents;

b. Confirmation that quarterly, narrative ESF Progress Reports should be recorded directly into ECLAIMS, unless the ESF Contract Manager has agreed use of a separate uploaded document by exception;

c. Clarifications on the required Progress Report content for Procurement, State Aid and Cross-Cutting Themes;

d. Rewording of guidance to align with the most recent ESF Dual Forecast & Submission Form changes;

e. Clarification on completion of the Participant Data Schema, pre-uploading checks for beneficiary organisations and an additional Annex explaining how common delivery scenarios should be reflected when reporting Outputs & Results;

f. Confirmation that a single Participant Data Schema should be submitted per claim, unless agreed otherwise with the ESF Contract Manager for a given claim period by exception;

g. Additional Annex explaining common issues with submitted claims and how to avoid these;

h. Mandation of a ‘Claim Reviewer’ check in ECLAIMS by the beneficiary organisation, including the limitations on who the ‘Claim Reviewer’ can be.

A new “ESF ECLAIMS External User Guidance (Claims)” product has also been published on GOV.UK to support beneficiary organisations in uploading their claims information into the ECLAIMS system.

The ESF Progress Report template has been removed from GOV.UK as per bullet point (b.) above.

It is highly recommended that the new and revised guidance products are read in full by Grant Recipient and CFO organisation staff involved in delivery of the ESF project, including those directly involved in compiling, reviewing and submitting claims and Delivery Partners where applicable.