ESIF E-Claims Update

December 28, 2017 1:31 pm

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The Managing Authorities (DCLG and DWP) are continuing to roll out the development of the E-CLAIMS IT system to support the delivery of the ESIF 2014-2020 programme.

E-CLAIMS has been designed to support all of the Managing Authority functions such as:

• submission and assessment of outline applications
• the ability to appraise full applications and record decisions
• submission and processing claims

The ESF National Co-Financing Organisations ( ESFA and Big Lottery for the Black Country ) are all now using E-CLAIMS to submit claims to the Managing Authority. Additionally a test group of 20 Direct Bid organisations have used E-CLAIMS to successfully submit their claims for Quarter 3 2017. DWP’s experience with the test groups has been very positive, meaning they will be extending the roll-out of the service, to additional ESF organisations, for Quarter 4 2017 claims. ESF Contract Managers have been in touch with organisations throughout December with further information.

For ERDF a small group of applicants are now confidently using the system to make claims. DCLG is looking to bring on a further group of 23 applicants, with contract managers already engaging with those applicants to support the process.