ESFA – Co-financing Option Calls Now Open!

August 30, 2018 11:32 am

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Calls have been launched via the ESFA e-tendering portal, Bravo, on 20th August with a closing date of 17th September, with the exception of Community Grants which closes on 19th September.  The ESFA will be offering an ESF Opt-In Service for the period from April 2019.

ESFA Transition Programme will Support four Investment Priorities

IP 1.1:  Access to employment for job seekers and inactive people, including the long term unemployed and people far from the labour market.

IP1.2: Sustainable integration into the labour market of Young People, in particular those not in employment, education or training including young people at risk of social exclusion.

IP 1.4: To support people with multiple and complex barriers to participation to address these underlying issues and to move closer to or into the labour market.

IP2.1: To increase the skills levels of employed people from the existing level to the next level up, to encourage progression in employment. Including the basic skills needs of employed people, particularly in SMEs and Micro businesses.

To deliver these Investment Priorities there are four specifications

  1. Skills Support for the Unemployed – Support to move people into positive outcomes
  2. NEET (15-24) – Support those at risk of NEET and NEET
  3. Community Grants – Procurement of a managing agent
  4. Skills Support for the Workforce and Redundancy – Support to progress within employment or become re-employed following recent redundancy

Each theme will have generic – Eligibility, Age/target groups, Funding rates, Deliverables. The ESFA has worked with LEPs to determine any prioritisation for target groups and geographical area, where appropriate.

Organisations not already registered, must register at: in order to respond to the procurement opportunity.   All queries in relation to the procurement process must be logged via the Bravo portal. The final deadline for bidders to submit questions is 4th September.

There is a helpful video available online which demonstrates how to navigate the system. Please watch the video here:

Should you need any more help, please do not hesitate to email: or call ESF Technical Assistance 01902 658042