ESF Dual Forecast Submission Form for all claims from Q1 2019

March 19, 2019 3:03 pm

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DWP published this action note on February 25th 2019.  The purpose is to notify CFOs and Grant Recipients that the ESF Dual Forecast Submission form (DFSF) has been updated to make it suitable for 2019 claims.

ESF Projects should use this new version of the form for all claims from Q1 2019 onwards.  As always, ESF Projects should ensure that their ‘Actual’ and ‘Contracted’ figures in each tab within the form are as accurate as possible as this information will contribute to the Managing Authority’s consideration of performance for each project.

If a project is submitting a claim relating to 2018 or earlier, the previous version of the form should be used. This version is only applicable to claims for Q1 2019 onwards.

Finally, please note that the ESF Managing Authority is currently undertaking a review of this product, this may result in a re-design and/or replacement product at a future point. The outcome of this review and any resulting changes will be communicated separately to Grant Recipients.

You find the link to the action note and new form here