ERDF Summative Assessment

May 9, 2018 10:20 am

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The ERDF grant funding agreement places a requirement on all grant recipients to undertake a summative assessment. This guidance provides the essential information that you need to plan and undertake it. While there are aspects which you must implement in strict accordance with this guidance, every ERDF project is different and the evaluation methods need to be tailored to the type of project activity and the outcomes and impacts it is seeking to achieve.

Specifically, the summative assessments are intended to provide insights into project performance to enhance their implementation, reliable evidence of their efficiency, effectiveness and value for money, as well as insights into what and why interventions work (or not) and lessons for the future. It will also provide project level evidence which, when combined with national evidence of progress and impact, will result in stronger evidence of the overall impact and effectiveness of the ERDF operational programme across England. The evidence will also be particularly helpful for you in making the case for particular delivery approaches in the future or making the case for future funding.

 While the approach to collecting information and the type of analysis within each summative assessment may vary, all assessments need to cover the following themes: relevance and consistency, progress, delivery and management, impacts, assessing value for money.

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