Project Management

Archive 2007-13 ERDF Programme Material


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The National ERDF Handbook provides information and guidance to project recipients and delivery partners including eligibility, procurement, state aid, monitoring, audits and record keeping. Project recipients are advised to read this guidance carefully.

The ERDF Funding Agreement is a legally binding document between the managing authority and recipient. The funding agreement sets out specified terms and project outputs in support of project expenditure.

The ERDF Project Management Plan is part of the application documentation which guides project delivery and control and sets out clear roles and responsibilities of the project team and steering group. It is good practice to update the project management plan regularly.

Projects should have written Project Management Systems and Processes which cover (but not subject too):

  • Recording and monitoring of project activity, outputs, and results
  • Approval and monitoring of spend
  • Procurement procedures and activity
  • Records and document management
  • Financial management processes
  • Publicity evidence

A Project Change Request should be submitted to DCLG for any of the following amendments:

  • A change of project ownership
  • Targeting a different beneficiary group
  • Change of expenditure
  • Movement or ‘virement’ of funding from one budget category to another
  • Change to the amount or proportion of match funding
  • Change to the projects practical or financial completion dates.