Combined ESF claim update

May 9, 2018 10:38 am

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ESF Dual Forecast and Submission Form – 2018 Version

An action note has been published to notify CFOs and Grant Recipients that the ESF Dual Forecast and Submission form has been updated to make it suitable for use with 2018 claims.

The amendments to the form are:-

1. Output & Result forecast tabs amended to include ‘previous years’ columns to allow for pre-2018 achievements to be added and included in any variance calculations;

2. Future year dates amended to cover 2019 – 2023, making 2018 the ‘current year’

3. Amendment to column options on the Expenditure Forecast, Output Forecast and Result Forecast sheets to allow the recording of ‘Actual’ or ‘Contracted’ figures for the current year rather than Forecasts, as well as ‘Contracted’ figures for future years again, rather than Forecasts.

The Managing Authority preference is for ESF projects to use the new form from their Q1 2018 claim onwards, however, if this is not possible projects must move to this new version from their Q2 2018 claim.

Projects should ensure that their ‘Actual’ and ‘Contracted’ figures in each tab within the Form are as accurate as possible as this information will contribute to the Managing Authority’s consideration of performance for each project.

If a project is submitting a claim relating to 2017 or earlier, the previous version of the form should be used. This version is only applicable to claims for Q1 – 2018 onwards.  Read more here

E-Claims Process for Self-Declared Adjustment (SDA) – Applicant Guidance

An action note has been published to notify CFOs and Grant Recipients that ESF that the Interim Self-Declared Adjustment (SDA) Process published 20 June 2017 has been revised and replaced with instructions for on how Grant Recipients can now submit Self-Declared Adjustments directly to the ESF Managing Authority via the EClaims system.

Self-Declared Adjustment Process Applicant Guidance

The Managing Authority has produced external guidance covering the Self-Declared Adjustment Process to be used by CFOs and Grant Recipients.

Guidance published in June 2017 explained the interim process for notifying the Managing Authority until such time as the E-Claims system was available.

As from the date of publication of this Action Note, Grant Recipients should no longer use the interim process and instead, should submit any future Self-Declared Adjustments via the E-Claims system. The “Applicant Guidance, SDA Process”, advises CFOs and Grant Recipients on how to submit SDAs directly via EClaims.

As stated in the new guidance, Grant Recipients must email their Contract Manager to let them know each time they submit a new Self-Declared Adjustment using E-Claims to ensure the Contract Manager is aware and can then take the relevant action. Read more here 

The guidance has now been published on GOV.UK and can be found here